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Creating an Outdoor Kitchen in Delaware County

The outdoor kitchen is all about lifestyle, allowing you to bring both comfort and design to a natural setting. And an ever-growing variety of fixtures and accessories makes it easy to create a convenient cooking space. Outdoor refrigerators, storage drawers, sinks and faucets allow you to spend your time outside rather than running back and forth from the house to the grill.

Outdoor furniture and rugs are readily accessible, so making a typically common exterior décor more conducive of your style is not so far fetched. Even adding new brightly colored cushions to older furniture can make a huge impact.

When it comes to planning an outdoor kitchen, homeowners are wise to start by considering their local weather patterns. Wind, rain, and humidity all play a role in determining your kitchen's site placement and design, whether you're planning new construction or adding on. 

Pennsylvania experiences wide-ranging seasonal temperatures, so it's important to choose a spot that shelters from both hot and cold, snow and wind. Covered or shaded areas can help protect a kitchen in these extremes. If you're installing an outdoor faucet in an area that experiences low temperatures, make sure your drain pipes have a release valve to avoid bursting in the cold winter months. Another great tip is to extend the roof line 18"-24" (instead of the typical +/- 12") to avoid rain splash.

Be sure to place grills out of the path of prevailing winds (and running kids). This detail is often overlooked until smoke from the grill has already blackened nearby walls, seeped into the home, or bedeviled guests. 

Our clients say:

Dear Joe and Stephanie, As you both know, I was more than happy with the work you did on my kitchen and my bathroom! Both my kitchen and my bathroom were about 30yrs outdated. I am not a decorator, so I not only needed to update the rooms, but I needed help with the design. I had two other contractors come to my home, to give me estimates on my kitchen; both did not seem like they were too concerned with the "decorative" aspect. They basically wanted me to tell them what to do. I knew immediately when you came to my house for our first consultation, that I was giving the job to you!! Steph presented me with ideas that I would not have thought of, myself. I also felt that I was getting personalized service, which I did not feel from the others. As the work began, everything was done in the time frame that you presented to me, with little inconvenience for me. After I saw how beautiful my kitchen turned out, I wanted you to redo my bathroom!! You worked with me to utilize some of the existing fixtures, in the bathroom, to keep the costs down. The reformation was stunning!! I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. As you know, I have since sold my house; it was only on the market for a week. The couple that purchased my home, fell in love with the kitchen, and offered me asking price! When I purchase my next house, I will be calling Grand Decor for all my re-modeling needs. - Paula

Thank you for your interest in working with Grande Decor. We will be contacting you soon.

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